7 Ways to Expand Web Site Visitors and Increase Sales

7 Ways to Expand Web Site Visitors and Increase Sales

Have you spent a lot of cash on marketing with the expectation that you would get lots of sales from the 1000s of website visitors that read your advertisement?
Have you poured money into driving traffic to your web site, only to have no one buying your product?

Perhaps you have seen the ads, "Get 10,000 visitors to your site, for only $20". Wow, you think, that's a terrific bargain, I'll go for it. The result-- 10 individuals visiting your website and nobody purchasing. What's the problem? You have not effectively targeted your customers. Your field of consumers is too big. Most of them are not interested in your item. You have to no in on the person that wants, thirsts and needs for your item.

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How do I find my targeted customers?

1. Place yourself in your clients shoes. There's an Indian saying that goes something like:
" You should walk a mile in my shoes, before you can comprehend me".
If I am offering a weight loss item, I would not be targeting slim individuals, but targeting those that are overweight.
2. Make a thumb nail sketch of this individual
Who is your consumer?
Exactly what are her wants, requires and desires?
Try to understand how they believe. Comprehending exactly what problems they have, will give you a clearer idea of what to use them.
Let's make a sketch of a typical obese individual:
30-50 years old
Out of shape
Probably wed with children
Under a lot of pressure, tight for time, worried
Searching for ways to improve health and wealth
Absence of self esteem
Always refer back to your thumbnail sketch as you compose for your site. As you start writing, new concepts will naturally emerge, however always keep them focused on your targeted customer so you will not go off the track of what your consumer wants.
Based upon the profile I detailed above, you may sell them items that help them drop weight, improve their health, look great, invest more time with their children and get wealthy.
4. Compose your copy to sell - when you compose the copy for your site, constantly worry the benefits. Establish a style for your site that concentrates on this advantage and don't stray from it. for more indepth info on this subject, read my article:
" How to Get Listed in the Search Engines-- Developing a Theme-Based Site" (www.isitebuild.com/searchengine.htm).
5. Make sure each page sells. - each page must stress the benefits in the headline, to pull the reader into the contents of your page. It must ask the concern:.
What's in it for me?
Why should I spend my precious time reading this page?
6. Write as if you were speaking with your buddy - your copy needs to be conversational, individual and friendly, as if you here are sitting beside the individual. Compose from the perspective of exactly what your client wants to buy, not what you wish to offer.
Make sure your consumer wants to click through to the next page or your order page. Don't be scared of plainly specifying the rate of your item.
Clearly recognizing your consumers and composing copy tailored to fixing your clients issues, puts them in a buying state of mind. Converting these visitors into buyers need to now increase the quantity of sales from your website.

Possibly you have actually seen the ads, "Get 10,000 visitors to your website, for only $20". The outcome-- 10 individuals visiting your site and no one purchasing. Constantly refer back to your thumbnail sketch as you write for your site. Compose your copy to sell - when you write the copy for your website, always stress the advantages. Establish a theme for your website that focuses on this advantage and don't stray from it.

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